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Meet Life Time Grand Prix Athlete

Sarah Sturm

After a departure from competitive racing, professional off-road cyclist Sarah Sturm rediscovered her love and joy of the bike again through time exploring the outdoors with friends, taking on new challenges and allowing the bike to take her to places she’d never otherwise see. While Sarah acknowledges that the journey is the destination, the process of learning, knowing and embodying the journey is the real catalyst to self-discovery. Stepping away from racing allowed her to find the enjoyment of the bike again, and slowly she was able to bring bike racing back into her life. Her calendar is now solely centered around mountain bike and gravel events, including that in the Life Time Grand Prix, which take her through places less discovered.

Meet Life Time Grand Prix Athlete

Payson McEvleen

Payson McEvleen fought back from a tough spring where he experienced a serious setback that kept him out of the kickoff of the Life Time Grand Prix. His redemption ride at UNBOUND Gravel was impressive to say the least, and a sign of good things to come in the second half of the season

Meet Life Time Grand Prix Athlete

Emily Joy Newsom

Emily Joy Newsom wears many hats – mom, musician, wife and professional cyclist. She picked up cycling a little later in life and dedicated herself fully to perfecting the craft. Much like her days working towards becoming a classically trained musician, dedicating 6-7 hours a day towards practice, Emily has carried that drive and will to perform into cycling. She’s rose to become one of the best cyclists in America.


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