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Rules, Scoring & Prize Purse

The 2024 Life Time Grand Prix℠ will prioritize gender parity in the series, with 30 men and 30 women selected to compete. Riders will be selected based on a range of criteria including, but not limited to, their race resume and past race performances, their interest in becoming a part of the Life Time Grand Prix, and how the rider is helping to grow cycling in the U.S. through their activities.

2024 Information

2024 Scoring

Place Points
1 35
2 33
3 31
4 29
5 27
6 25
7 24
8 23
9 22
10 21
11 20
12 19
13 18
14 17
15 16
16 15
17 14
18 13
19 12
20 11
21 10
22 9
23 8
24 7
25 6
26 5
27 4
28 3
29 2
30 1

2024 Rules

2024 Rules:

Selection into the Life Time Grand Prix℠

  • 30 men and 30 women will be selected for the 2024 Life Time Grand Prix
  • Any top 15 finisher in the 2023 series who reapplies will be extended an invite to come back in 2024
  • All prospective participants must fill out the application in order to be considered
  • Athletes applying from outside of the US will be required to show that they have proper travel logistics (visas) in place to be in the US for all 7 events

Event Participation

  • Participants must start 5 of the 7 events in order to be eligible for an overall prize
    • Example – if you start only 4 events of the series, you are not eligible for Life Time Grand Prix prize money
    • Athletes will be removed from the series as soon as they become ineligible for prize money, and will no longer be scored in the Life Time Grand Prix. Athletes who drop out, or become ineligible, are encouraged to participate in remaining events, but they will race in the Pro/Open category, not in the Life Time Grand Prix.
  • The final event in the series, Life Time Big Sugar Gravel, will be mandatory for all and serve as a tiebreaker in the event of a tie on points
  • All prize purse eligible athletes must attend the awards ceremony
  • All athletes must attend a minimum of 2 fan engagement activations throughout the year
    • Fan engagement activations are pre or post-race events such as a spin out ride or autograph session that enable an interaction between fan and athlete. This abides in our collective goal to build and foster fandom around cycling in North America.
  • Athletes are eligible for overall prizes and awards at each individual event 
  • Every event in the Life Time Grand Prix series will provide separate starts for the men and the women elite fields
  • The 2024 Life Time Grand Prix Events will include the same 7 event as in 2023 including:
    • Life Time Sea Otter presented by Continental Fuego XL 100K
    • Life Time Unbound Gravel 200
    • Life Time Crusher in the Tushar
    • Life Time Leadville Trail 100 MTB
    • Life Time Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival presented by Trek
    • Life Time Rad Dirt Fest
    • Life Time Big Sugar Gravel presented by Mazda

Entry Fee Dues & Prize Money

  • All athletes receiving payouts of greater than $600 will be required to fill out a W9
  • Entry Fees for all seven events will be covered by Life Time

Doping Control

  • No participant in the Life Time Grand Prix can be under a current doping ban
  • All athletes are subject to random doping controls at Life Time Grand Prix events

2024 Prize Money

​​The Life Time Grand Prix℠ will pay out to the top 10 based on highest cumulative points following the conclusion of the 7th and final race of the series. The total purse will be $300,000, split equally between men and women.

1st $30,000
2nd $24,000
3rd $20,000
4th $17,000
5th $14,000
6th $12,000
7th $10,000
8th $8,500
9th $7,500
10th $7,000

Note: 3 events within the series (Crusher in the Tushar, Cheq MTB Festival, Sea Otter Classic) have event prize purses. Life Time Grand Prix participants are eligible to receive these dollars should they land on the overall podium.

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